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Below you will find all of the forms needed to help make your visit with us a complete success! Just click on the underlined title and it will either download a PDF form or take you to an online fillable form. Please let us now if you have any troubles!

Please download, fill in completely, and return to us prior to your appointment. This will make sure we have everything we need to focus on your horse.  

It's not often that we get around to taking pictures of the things we are doing, but when we do we would love to be able to share it with the world!

It is never easy to say good-bye to a dear friend. By filling out and returning this form prior to your scheduled appointment we can let you focus on your horse and your remaining time together. 

This is a supplementary form for a pre-purchase examination. It is a required document for all pre-purchase exams and needs to be filled out by the seller of the horse. It needs to be returned to us prior to the appointment. 

Fill this form in if you are scheduling a pre-purchase examination of any type. This will help us ensure we have scheduled adequate time to help you have confidence in your purchase. Also needed is the "Seller Declaration of Health"

Gastric ulcers are complex. In order to help you develop a program to heal and prevent further ulcers, please fill this out! It will help us gain insight into your horses lifestyle and what changes or tweaks we can make to your day to day routine to set you up for success!

While we take it for granted, anaesthesia for routine procedures can come with complications. If you have a castration or other procedure scheduled we will need this filled out to proceed. 

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