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Our Services

Our ambulatory services are in operation all year and we are available for after hours emergencies. Our main work involves individual and herd health plans, dental exams and floats, minor field surgeries, medical consults, lameness and reproductive work. If you require service beyond what we have listed here, please reach out to us. We also work closely with referral centres to provide you the gold standard in care.  



Align Equine is able to provide emergency services 24 hours seven days a week. We can help you with emergencies including choke, eye injuries, colic, lameness, lacerations, severe respiratory disease and so much more. Our mobile clinic is fully equipped with advanced diagnostic equipment so you can get peace of mind any time of day or night. 


The health of your horses and your herd is our number one concern. We can provide full, in-depth exams year-round to help you prevent illness before it becomes and issue. By helping you with herd management and individual horse wellness we hope that we can keep your horse performing to their fullest potential. We maintain a close relationship with local laboratories to allow for quick and accurate diagnostic test results. 



We are proud that we have specific interest and training in equine dentistry! We can provide all of our dental services in the comfort of your own barn. This can include dental examinations, routine floating, minor tooth extractions, corrective techniques and dental radiography. All horses need good teeth to maintain good health!


Its never more frustrating than when your horse is lame. We are able to identify the source of lameness by a thorough evaluation of your horses movement in hand, and sometimes under saddle. We use a variety of tests including palpation, flexion tests and diagnostic blocks. Together we come up with the diagnostic plan that best suits the case and your horse. We are fully equipped with the latest in digital radiography and ultrasonography to help us to further evaluate the underlying cause lameness. In more complicated cases we are able to work closely with board certified surgeons to come up with the best treatment plan that will get your horse back to their normal self as soon as possible!

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Radiology and ultrasonography have become the mainstay of veterinary diagnostic imaging. With our state-of-the-art, portable digital radiology and ultrasound machines we can take accurate, detailed images on farm that will help get you the answers you need. We can pass these images on to your farrier for appropriate trimming and shoeing applications. We can also quickly transfer these images to specialists for second opinions or for estimates for surgical correction. 




Endoscopy has become a valuable tool in the diagnosis of many conditions, including upper and lower airway conditions, urinary and reproductive diseases. Our set up is completely mobile and is equipped with video so every involved can see what the veterinarian is seeing. Through the scope we are able to take biopsies and also collect fluid samples for diagnostics testing when needed. 

Gastroscopy is essential in the diagnosis and management of gastric ulcers. Our unit is completely mobile and allows us to set up a video feed so everyone involved can see what the veterinarian sees. This also allows us to record and send pictures or videos to specialists for case consults where needed. Through the scope we are also able to take biopsies of the stomach and small intestine for further diagnostics. 


With ocular syndromes time is of the essence for an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. We are experienced in thorough ocular examination and we have the ability to aid you in advanced and chronic treatments for most ocular diseases. We also work closely with board certified ophthalmologists where needed. 



Surgical procedures like castrations, small mass removals and laceration repairs can be done under standing sedation or field anaesthesia. 


There is nothing more satisfying than a horse with a beautiful coat. When that coat loses it shine we can help you determine why. From lumps and bumps to creepy crawlies we are able to collect appropriate diagnostic samples, interpret the results and come up with an effective plan. 

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Pre-purchase evaluations provide valuable information information when you are interested in purchasing a new horse. Their purpose is to assess the overall health and soundness for a potential buyer and provide information that will help you determine if the horse is a good fit for your program. During these assessments we not only provide a detailed examination of the horse but are able to offer advanced diagnostics such as radiography to further enhance the information collected. 


Acupuncture is able to help relieve muscle soreness and joint pain, as well as improve the quality of life for those animals afflicted by numerous chronic conditions. When assessing an animal during an acupuncture appointment the patient's whole body is evaluated not only the area of concern. By doing this we are able to identify the root of the disease and not simply treat the symptoms of the syndrome. At a base level, acupuncture stimulates the nerve local to the point, causes an increase in blood circulation, causes the release of various hormones and stimulates stem cells to migrate to the area. 



Equine infectious anemia (detected by the Coggin's test) is a flyborne- transmissible disease of horses. It can also be transferred with dirty equipment. This test is often required when travelling to shows, events or barns and is a requirement for transporting horses out of Canada. This coupled with an international health exam allows you to travel to other countries.


We are happy to be able to offer on farm reproductive services such as pregnancy diagnosis, artificial insemination (cooled semen only), uterine flushes and uterine cultures. We also maintain a close relationship with several board certified theriogenologists.



It's so exciting when a new foal comes into this world and we want to make sure they get off on the right hoof. We are able to provide on farm, detailed neonatal exams and post-partum exams for your new family. Early examination of the foal and mare allows for prompt detection of subtle disease that could be life threatening. 


The lungs are vital to a horses performance and any slight affliction can reduce their capacity significantly. We are able to offer a variety of field tests to evaluate the health of the lungs and can develop an effective treatment plan based on these results. 

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Kinesiology tape (or K-tape) works by stabalizing the area it is applied to, lifts the hair and stretches the the fascia under the skin to allow for better lymph drainage. It can be used as part of physiotherapy or as a support system while healing from an injury. Melissa is a certified Kinesiology Taping Practitioner!


Every horse, no matter their age, breed or condition, deserves a dignified and peaceful trip over the rainbow bridge. Let us help you say goodbye. From the beginning to the end, we are here for you. 

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